The Fiscal Transparency Wallet and the Andraé Gonzalo Mending Kit are accessories that I've designed, and are available in limited edition, as gifts to those who donate to the production fund of "Mass Transit". This dance collaboration with Jamie Benson is part of the 2011 Bootleg Dance Festival, and is based on true-life experiences we have had on public transportation. Donations of any size receive the mending kit, while those over $25 receive both of these gifts as an expression of our gratitude.

The wallet can be customized to display the owner's own images, or simply the currency inside. It comes complete with a tiny mending kit of it's own, and special slots designed to accommodate minicards from Riders of the LA Metro system will also be glad to know that it is thin enough for a METRO TAP card to be validated without being removed from the inside pockets.

Check Donations can be made to "Bootleg Theater" and sent to:
Mass Transit c/o
824 Sanborn Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029